10-15% Monthly ROI paid monthly. 
We're looking for REAL partnerships.
We have had a difficult time raising funds, because it sounds too good to be true.  So we'll explain it here:
  • Over the LONG RUN contango/roll yield makes several ETF's 100% predictable! Sure, they have their up's and down's, but to us they're just opportunities.
  • We know, we know... That's too good to be true. Right? It's all about how it's structured!
  • Some ETF's and ETN's are so predictable that it's like having insider information! We simply sell these ETF's that suffer from contango/roll yield.
We respect your privacy
  • ​No stalking! I will give you my contact information below.  We're not going to harass you to be our partner.  If you're interested in partnering up, great.  If not, we wish you luck!  We know you can invest/partner with a ton of great companies out there.  We hope you choose us, but understand if you go a different route.
  • Lean and Mean: We minimize costs, to make it as profitable as humanly possible.  We are not a 20-30 person company.  We have as few people on staff as possible to maximize your return every month.
  • My Personal Contact information: To put the ball in your court, so you don't feel like you're being harassed, :) here is my personal contact information: email: alccdavid@hotmail.com cell: (425) 949-9196 
  • ​This is NOT a fund.  We're not looking to become a Hedge Fund, or Money Management firm.  We are looking for partners that want a monthly ROI return of 10-15% monthly.
Thank you for checking us out.  Feel free to contact me directly, if you'd like to learn more!

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